Luckin Coffee Launches New Roasting Plant in Kunshan, Jiangsu


Kunshan, Jiangsu, April 24, 2024 -- Luckin Coffee announced the official commencement of operation of the new roasting plant in Kunshan, Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province. With a total planned investment of $120 million and an annual roasting capacity of 30,000 tons, Luckin Coffee (Jiangsu) Roasting Plant is the largest coffee roasting plant in China to date.

Leveraging advantages in intelligent manufacturing and automation, this new Luckin plant deepens its vertical integration of the coffee supply chain, thereby empowering Chinese coffee industry upgrades with new technology-driven productivity and leading a new trend of high-quality sustainable development.

Mr. David Li, Chairman and CEO of Centurium Capital, and Dr. Jinyi Guo, Chairman and CEO of Luckin Coffee, along with local government officials and its key business partners, attended the opening ceremony.

Luckin Coffee (Jiangsu) Roasting Plant is located within the Kunshan Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. Throughout the production process, it utilizes cutting-edge intelligent equipment from around the world, achieving highly efficient automation in the entire process from green bean processing, coffee bean roasting, packaging, to warehouse logistics. The plant is equipped with the first constant temperature and humidity coffee green bean warehouse in China.

Meanwhile, the plant applies energy-saving and carbon-reducing technologies in areas such as water recycling, solar photovoltaic power generation, and heat recovery, leading the industry in green development and setting a new benchmark for the environmental friendliness of China’s coffee roasting facilities.

Luckin Coffee is committed to building professional capabilities by bridging and expanding the entire coffee industry supply chain and actively contributing to in the rapid growth of China’s coffee industry. In 2021, Luckin Coffee unveiled its first fully automated intelligent roasting plant in Fujian. Leveraging the two major coffee roasting sites in Jiangsu and Fujian, Luckin Coffee boasts a self-processing roasting supply network with an annual capacity exceeding 45,000 tons. This will enable the company to respond more quickly and accurately to consumer demands, as well as fast delivery of high-quality coffee beans to its nationwide stores.

Furthermore, the launch of Luckin Coffee’s “Odyssey to the God Shot (Global Bean Search Journey)” and the completion of the first green coffee bean processing plant in Baoshan City, Yunnan province further enhanced the unique and stable quality of its coffee green bean supply system.

About Luckin Coffee

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