Centurium Capital Releases 2023 ESG Report for the Third Consecutive Year


Centurium Capital (“Centurium”) released its 2023 Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report today, underscoring the firm’s continuous commitment to ESG disclosure. Since Centurium adopted its full ESG Policy in 2020, ESG has become an integral part of Centurium’s investment process, daily operations and development strategy.

The 2023 ESG Report provides a comprehensive overview of Centurium’s established ESG framework, as well as analyses of ESG best practices at its portfolio companies. Through presenting key ESG-related data from 2023 and portfolio case studies, the report showcases the ESG journey of Centurium in the past year. 

David Li, Chairman and CEO of Centurium Capital, pointed out in the report that ESG is the cornerstone to build a long-lasting firm and brand. In today’s challenging environment, Centurium’s unwavering dedication to its ESG strategy remains even more crucial to drive its investments and portfolio companies to create value for employees, investors and broader society.

Centurium became a signatory to the PRI in January 2022. Integrating globally-recognized ESG principles and regulatory requirements, Centurium’s ESG Committee guides and oversees the execution of ESG-related initiatives. ESG-related risks are included in pre-investment screening and due diligence processes, and the ESG findings form the foundation of the post-investment ESG management and monitoring of portfolio companies.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) performance at the portfolio companies is reflected in the 2023 ESG Report for the first time. While the gender balance among employees at Centurium and across portfolio companies is commendable, the report underscores the imperative for enhancing female representation within senior management and boards across portfolio companies. Four female senior executives were featured in the report, and their entrepreneurship and career achievements can inspire more women to succeed in the business world.

The report also covers Centurium's philanthropic endeavors in 2023, including its advocacy for animal welfare, as well as desert control and afforestation initiatives to rejuvenate the Kubuqi Desert in Inner Mongolia. In addition, the report features sustainable development practices across seven portfolio companies, including Luckin Coffee, UIB Healthcare, Taibang Biologic, MitrAssist, Yigoli, NTX and Meican.

Michael Chen, a Managing Director at Centurium Capital, shares his perspectives and outlines the firm’s future plans to further fortify its ESG endeavors. In his view, ESG is not only critical for risk mitigation, but is a strategic avenue for value creation and the sustainable growth of any business.

Centurium Capital is a leading private equity firm in China focused on investing in the consumer, healthcare, business services and technology sectors. In each vertical, the firm has built an extensive and deep ecosystem, centered around its control and buy-out investments, providing it with unique leverage over business insights and operation synergies. As of December 31, 2023, Centurium has total assets under management (AUM) of over US$7 billion with a portfolio of over 30 companies.