Centurium Capital Invests in Leading E-Signature Service Provider Fadada


March 11, 2021 – Fadada, a leading e-signature and cloud contract service provider in China, announced today that the company has completed D-round financing of RMB 900 million from Tencent, Centurium Capital and ZWC Partners.

Mr. Xiang Huang, Founder and CEO of Fadada, commented, “With a primary focus on e-signature application and e-contract signing solutions, we are a leader in technology and product innovation. We will continue to expand our partnership network to promote scalable cloud contract signing applications in all industry verticals and deliver value for our customers and clients.”

Fadada offers a full suite of e-signature products including one-stop SaaS products, open API solutions for corporate IT and ERP systems, as well as hybrid cloud solutions for local hosting of electronic contracts and process management.

Fadada is a pioneer in legal technology innovation. It was the earliest provider of block-chain based e-signature product with enhanced security features and credibility. It pioneered in building an industry-leading e-contract management system, which significantly improved the efficiency of the legal process involved in contract signing. It was the first to enable online data sharing and connection with judiciary bodies, including online arbitration institutions, online courtroom, notary offices and forensic evaluation centers, providing one of the most complete technology solutions for online dispute resolutions in China.

Nick Tao, Executive Director of Centurium Capital, commented, “E-contract and e-signature will play a more and more important role in the infrastructure of corporate activities in the future. We have witnessed and are deeply impressed by Fadada’s continuous evolvement and growth under its CEO Xiang Huang’s leadership. We look forward to partnering with the company and supporting its growth, as the company expands further its industry network and pushes wider applications in different sectors.”

The Covid-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst for e-signature adoption in China and globally. At the outset of the Covid-19 outbreak, the daily average number of registered new users of Fadada was eight times of the same period in 2019, with peak number surpassed nearly 20 times year-over-year. Responding quickly to spiking customer demand since early 2020, Fadada worked closely with Tencent and introduced a number of light mobile e-signature applications on Wechat Mini-applications, Enterprise Wechat and Tencent Qidian, a marketing SaaS platform by Tencent.